Atlantic Fellows at GBHI Alumni

After their training, Fellows return to their home communities to implement their projects and newly acquired knowledge. They will continue to have access to career-duration mentoring, pilot funds, and will be part of an international, interprofessional network of colleagues collaborating to drive a common mission of advancing brain health.

Christine FitzGerald
Psychosocial Research
Ireland, 2016

Elaine Howard
Care Models
Ireland, 2016

Elissaios Karageorgiou
Neurology & Neuroscience
Greece, 2016

Silvia Kochen
Argentina, 2016

Claire McEvoy
Nutrition & Public Health
United Kingdom, 2016

Rogerio Panizzutti
Neuropsychiatry & Public Health
Brazil, 2016

Claudia Ramos
Colombia, 2017


Nicole Batsch
USA, 2016

Eléonore Bayen
Medicine & Health Economics
France, 2016

María Carmona-Iragui
Behavioral Neurology
Spain, 2016

Heidi Clare
USA, 2016

Laurent Cleret de Langavant
Neurology & Statistics
France, 2016

Bárbara Costa Beber
Speech & Language
Brazil, 2016


Ana Margarita Rodriguez Salgado
Cuba, 2017

Fionnuala Sweeney
Ireland, 2016

Jamie Talan
Neuroscience Journalism
USA, 2016

Ioannis Tarnanas
Neuroscience & Computer Science
Greece, 2016

Adam Waskow
Animal Therapy & Training
USA, 2016

Stelios Zygouris
USA, 2016