Adrià Rofes, PhD, MSc

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
Trinity College Dublin
Professional Profile
Home Country: Spain
Field of Employment: Neuroscience
Key Areas: clinical linguistics, brain mapping, language processing

Adrià Rofes is a cognitive neuroscientist and clinical linguist interested in using low-cost and non-invasive tools, such as EEG and spontaneous speech, to increase accuracy of the diagnosis of patients with acquired communication disorders, thereby improving clinical care and the understanding of brain health. By adopting new accessible and safe assessment tools, medical facilities around the world may be able to help more people earlier in their disease course. This will become even more critical as treatments that prevent decline due to neurodegenerative disease become available.

Through understanding brain-behavior relations, we can improve clinical assessment and outcome protocols for brain conditions.

Originally from Spain, he brings international experience to his work having studied and trained in more than five countries. Rofes’ multidisciplinary, multilingual background and demonstrated experience in brain health issues serve him well as a researcher. Praised for his creativity and recognized for his research successes, through the GBHI fellowship he looks to build international collaborations and deepen his own capacity to translate his research knowledge into policy and practice. Ultimately, Rofes desires to be a groundbreaking researcher in brain health identifying innovative tools and techniques to improve patient care and inform treatment.

Bio: Adrià Rofes holds a doctorate degree in cognitive neuroscience from the universities of Trento (Italy), Groningen (Netherlands), and Macquarie (Australia), and a Master of Science degree in clinical linguistics from the universities of Groningen (Netherlands) and Potsdam (Germany). He also holds bachelor degrees in English philology and Catalan philology.