Agustin Ibanez PhD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
UCsf Memory and aging center
Professional Profile
Home Country: Argentina
Field of Employment: Neuroscientist

In the last 5 years, Agustin Ibanez began to move from an exclusive focus on cognitive/social neuroscience and dementia research to the development of a platform to improve prevention, diagnosis, and research of relevant disorders in South American countries. Agustin has coordinated regional efforts across Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Uruguay, including with research groups; governmental agencies; ministers of health, social protection and education; and private companies to improve clinical research, social transferability of findings, and preventive practices.

Agustin’s current goal is to develop a multicenter translational initiative in South American countries focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and investigation of dementia including assessing genetic-neural-behavioral interactions.

I aim to develop a platform for dementia in South American countries which combines behavioral insights, cognitive neuroscience, and the innovative use of technology. The proposed project has two main goals: firstly, to develop a pioneering regional group devoted to the application of behavioral insights into dementia, seeking to promote more cost-effective health public services. Secondly, to create a public software platform equipped with classification and diagnostic methods, alongside a regional training program to achieve high-level clinical/research standards. As an Atlantic Fellow at GBHI, I will look for guidance and international support in order to improve my project concept and to ensure it responds to different regional challenges. This project, supported by the GBHI network, will provide advice, counseling, guidelines, and workshops to address specific problems regarding stigma, prevention, and the diagnosis of dementia. In my free time I love playing music, exploring the city, and spending time with my family.

Bio:Agustin Ibanez has a relevant track record on social cognitive and affective neuroscience, as well as dementia research, with +120 publications in the last 5 years, including works in top-ten journals (e.g. Nature Reviews Neurology, Nature Human Behavior, Brain, JAMA Neurology, World Psychiatry, Journal of Neuroscience). In Argentina, he is director of the Institute of Translational and Cognitive Neuroscience, and researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council. In Chile he is full professor at the Universidad Adolfo Ibanez. He also is associate researcher at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (Australia). He is Associate Editor of Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Cortex, Social Neuroscience, and Scientific Reports, as well as President of the Latin-American section of the Society for Social Neuroscience. His work has been highlighted in media coverage, including the BBC, Nature News, Discovery Channel, Popular Science, Daily Mail, Newsweek, Le Monde, and Oxford University Press.


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