Alex Kornhuber

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
UCsf Memory and aging center

Home Country: Peru
Field of Employment: Photographer
Social Media: Instagram: alexkornhuber

Alex Kornhuber has been working on three different projects simultaneously. The first is a book and exhibition about the work and influence of the Swiss architect Theodor Cron on the modernist movement in Lima in the 1940's, 50's and 60's. The second is a book about Pisco (Peru's grape brandy) as an element of Peruvian identity. For 8 years Alex has been traveling along Peru's southern coast in search of Pisco makers in times of harvest and production of Pisco. For the third project Alex has been editing 14 years of photographic work in search of a poetic photo essay about what it is to be Peruvian in the three geographical regions; desert coast, mountain Andes and jungle.

To identify and help reduce the impact of dementia among our community, we need to work with already existing institutions and to help create new, interdisciplinary working groups in order to shake the establishment and promote fresh ideas among policy makers in our countries. As an Atlantic Fellow at GBHI I am committed to communicating the impact of dementia through powerful and moving photo and multimedia essays. In particular, I’m interested in working with the senior community of surfers in the San Francisco area as a way of showing healthy aging amongst a particular group of people. On the other hand I also want to document the growing problem of the homeless in San Francisco’s streets. In my free time I like to go surfing, to walk and bike and stop to meet new people. I also like to photograph almost everything that I see. I play the guitar and like to organize dinners with different people. Music and my dog Chaska are my great companions in my moments alone.

Bio: Alex Kornhuber received his BFA in photography from Ohio University. He worked as a portrait photographer in San Diego, California and became a photo documentary teacher, helping students realize their projects. Alex moved to Europe and collaborated with major newspapers and photo agencies, covering the war in the Balkans, and doing photo essays around Latin America and Africa.