Since it's inception in 2015, the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) has hosted a conference designed to share best practices on brain health strategies from across the globe each year. It has also been an opportunity to provide a robust learning environment for the Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health.

Most recently, the third annual GBHI conference took place April 15 – 18, 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This conference was organized in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) Satellite Symposium on April 17 - 18.

It was chaired by the Executive Director of GBHI, Prof. Victor Valcour and the President of INECO Foundation, Prof. Facundo Manes - with both organizations collaborating with the aim of reducing brain health inequities in Argentina and the wider Latin American region.

The conference ran for four days in total with the GBHI sessions taking place on the first two days (April 15 - 16) at the Yacht Club Puerto Madero. 

There were approximately 180 guests present with attendees comprising of the Atlantic Fellows, selected faculty and staff from GBHI and invited key stakeholders from across the globe including countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Greece, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba, Chile, United Kingdom, United States, Ireland and Egypt.

A number of informative talks were presented by speakers which led to compelling panel discussions. These included:

  • addressing global inequities in brain health where experts from Peru, Egypt, Brazil, Cuba and Colombia provided their insights into the problems facing healthcare decision-makers in their home countries
  • discussing the need for implementing National Dementia Plans across Latin America, particularly in lower-income regions where access to necessary resources is limited
  • initializing a constructive dialogue on the challenges and opportunities of dementia diagnosis in South American countries and reflecting on the collaborative networking approach in the region

The sessions at the Yacht Club ended with an afternoon led entirely by the Atlantic Fellows where they enforced the core values of GBHI - Fairness, Openness, Respect, Empathy and Courage. It featured a video they had produced to emphasis the lack of public awareness of what dementia means around the world, interactive breakout sessions and an engaging panel discussion.

The final two days were held at the Sheraton Libertador Hotel. It was here that a selection of Atlantic Fellows took part in a Rapid Fire Poster Presentation where they shared their work on brain health and how they have begun implementing the projects they started at GBHI in their home countries.