Arianna Almirall-Sanchez

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI

Home Country: Cuba
Profession: Biostatistician

Arianna Almirall-Sanchez has been working on a project that aims to improve the detection of dementia and cognitive impairment for the primary health care system of Cuba by creating and validating tools with that purpose.

To diminish the impact of dementia and cognitive impairment that affects the elderly in a global scale we must work together to develop new tools that allow to detect and diagnose these diseases sooner.

She is currently working on a project that aims to carry out a cost effectiveness analysis on the use of portable devices on the diagnosis of cognitive deterioration and dementia in primary care. As an Atlantic Fellow, Almirall-Sanchez wants to learn the best practices on health economics so she can implement the project countrywide, helping later on to extend it to other countries as well. Almirall-Sanchez is a very sociable person that loves to meet new friends, discover new places and share her time with her family and dog.

Bio: Arianna Almirall-Sanchez received her medical school training from the Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de La Habana, Cuba. She received her master’s degree in Clinical Trials from the Escuela Nacional de Salud Pública de La Habana (ENSAP). After completing her master’s degree, Almirall-Sanchez collaborated in projects related to the early diagnosis of elderly diseases. She currently works as the Chief of Projects at the Instituto Nacional de Oncología y Radiobiología (INOR).