Carmen Hart

Program and Events Coordinator
Key areas: event management, program operations, planning

I am thrilled to be part of the GBHI team working together for a good cause to raise awareness about global brain health.

Carmen Hart is the Program and Events Coordinator based at UCSF. She works closely with the Executive Director and GBHI senior staff to coordinate, manage, and plan key aspects and activities of GBHI and the Atlantic Fellows program.

Hart brings extensive expertise in event planning, project coordination, marketing and sales in the healthcare, media, technology and luxury hospitality industries. Before joining GBHI, she managed a contact center team at George P. Johnson in London supporting the Gartner Executive Programs with events worldwide.

Bio: Carmen Hart holds an undergraduate degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Centro Español de Nuevas Profesiones. She completed a Certificate in Business Administration in UC Berkeley in 2004. Hart is a bilingual speaker of Spanish and English.