Caroline Prioleau

Writer & Designer at GBHI UCsf Memory and aging center .

Key areas: communications, oral history

Starting down a path towards academic medicine, Caroline Prioleau began her career in psychology and neuroscience but observed that many people were alienated by the language of science, which led them to conclude it was too hard to understand. She shifted her studies to writing, copyediting, and graphic design to develop the skills to clarify scientific findings and make them more accessible.

Among other roles, Prioleau is part of the hear/say team that collects and shares personal stories of aging from healthy elders, people with cognitive impairment, caregivers, and people working in the dementia field. The privilege of listening to, collecting, and sharing these stories is an honor deeply felt.

If we can be curious about what someone is experiencing, we can connect and understand better. The more we can connect, the less isolation and stigma there is.

Bio: Caroline Prioleau majored in psychology as an undergraduate at Davidson College. She began an MD/PhD program in neuroscience before moving into communications and graphic design based on her experience of people tuning out science due to it being a “foreign” language of jargon and terminology.