Cheyenne Mize

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI

Professional Profile
Home Country: USA
Profession: Music Therapist
Social Media: Twitter: @cheyennemize

Cheyenne Mize’s life’s work has involved finding ways that the creative arts can be a point of connection and transformation within individuals, between individuals in a community, and for the community as a whole. Recently she worked with TimeSlips and Signature HealthCARE to foster transformation within the culture of 12 nursing homes across Kentucky by realizing an immersive, interactive play called Wendy’s Neverland, a collaborative reimagining of the story of Peter Pan.

Creativity and collaborations are not only essential in finding ways to address dementia, but also to brain health itself.

It is commonplace in the US for elders and those with dementia to be artificially separated from the rest of society. Music and other forms of creative expression can be the key to reconnecting communities, as well as fostering unexpected, creative experiences and abilities within the elders.

There is much to be done to provide consistently adequate and holistic care to the growing number of people with dementia, their caregivers, and their communities. In her work, Mize extends a constant invitation to these things— to be in a moment with others, working towards a shared goal of creative expression. Mize also has a passion for traditional music of Appalachia and Kentucky. She is excited to explore its connections to and roots in Ireland’s rich musical traditions.

Bio: Cheyenne Mize received her undergraduate degree in music therapy from the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Mize has since provided music therapy services to individuals and groups in a variety of settings, serving everyone from neonates to elders. She co-founded and was the Co-Executive Director of Strive— a 501(c)(3) organization providing creative wellness opportunities to the Louisville community. Since then, she has continued her work as a music therapist, artist in residence, musical director and coordinator with IDEAS xLab and TimeSlips across the state of Kentucky.