Cindy Weinstein

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
UCsf Memory and aging center

Professional Profile
Home Country: USA
Field of Employment: English professor

Cindy Weinstein has written and edited several books on American literature, most recently a forthcoming volume of essays called "A Question of Time: American Literature from Colonial Encounter to Contemporary Fiction." Cindy has been a professor at the California Institute of Technology since 1989.

Dementia is a global concern that requires the knowledge and creativity of as many kinds of people as possible: scientists, artists, writers, doctors, community organizers, ethicists, economists, and others. My goal for this fellowship at GBHI is to write a book that uses my own experience of watching the progression of my father’s Alzheimer’s as a way for caregivers to think about and articulate their experience of watching someone they love change before their very eyes. As a student and teacher of literature, novels provide me with a vocabulary to talk about memory. Science provides another vocabulary. Bringing together the humanistic with the scientific, I hope to share with caregivers the compelling languages that can be used to make sense of Alzheimer’s. When I am not reading, I love to play with my dogs and travel, with my husband, to visit our son and daughter, both of whom are citizens of the world.

Bio: Bio: Cindy Weinstein received her Ph.D. in English from UC Berkeley. She has been a professor at the California Institute of Technology, specializing in American literature, since 1989.

Links: http://provost.caltech.edu/vp_weinstein