Claudia Ramos, MD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
UCSF Memory and Aging Center

Home Country: Colombia
Field of Employment: Neuropsychology
Key Areas: neuroscience, psychiatry, dementia, caregiving

We are called out to work for improving quality of life when people are older and more vulnerable. One way is working together to stop dementia.

Claudia Ramos is a psychiatrist, with leadership ability and responsibility. When Ramos was studying psychiatry, she had a practice in the Memory Clinic at Javeriana University (Bogota, Colombia). Nowadays, Ramos coordinates the Mental Health Service for Patients with Neurodegenerative Diseases Program at Neurosciences Group of Antioquia (Medellin, Colombia), and she is subinvestigator in the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative, API-Colombia. Because of many people with high risk of Familiar Dementia, Ramos wants to continue researching about delaying the beginning of this condition, and her main reason for coming to San Francisco and joining to de GBHI is: “to determine non-genetic factors which interfere in the natural history of Alzheimer Disease, and design possible intervention measures to diminish their impact in dementia prognosis”.

Bio: Physician from University of Antioquia, Colombia (2008). Psychiatrist from University of Antioquia, Colombia (2015). She has been trained in dementia at Memory Clinic, Javeriana University, and at Neuroscience Group of Antioquia, GNA. Currently, Ramos coordinates the mental health program at GNA, and is subinvestigator of API-Colombia.