Damien Ferguson, BA (Physiology), BMBS, MRCPI.

Neurology Research Fellow/Specialist Registrar

Key areas: General neurology, cognitive neurology, neuro-infectious diseases

Damien Ferguson is a neurology trainee in St. James’s Hospital, Dublin. He brings to GBHI clinical experience in early onset dementias and research experience in cognitive impairment in chronic hepatitis C infection. He aims to create more awareness of cognitive problems among hepatitis C infected persons and their physicians and to explore ways to improve its management.

Ferguson has clinical and research interests in cognitive neurology. He works in the early onset dementia clinic with the neurology service and in hepatology/infectious disease clinics during his research. His main research area is cognitive impairment in chronic hepatitis C infection; looking at screening methods, prevalence, domains of deficit, neuroimaging and whether impairment is reversible with exercise or viral eradication interventions.

At GBHI he co-ordinates rotations in clinical neurology for the GBHI fellows and provides opportunities for fellows to observe research projects in action.

Understanding early cognitive impairment will help shape health service development for all those affected.

Bio: Damien Ferguson is a neurology Specialist Registrar. He graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2007 with a degree in physiology and went on to study medicine at University of Limerick. He continued his postgraduate training in Ireland and entered higher specialty training in neurology in 2014. In 2017 he received the J.S. Pritchard award for clinical teaching. He is currently undertaking a PhD in Trinity College Dublin/St. James’s Hospital on neurocognitive deficits in chronic hepatitis C infection.