Dana Smith, PhD

Freelance Writer & Editor
UC San Francisco
Professional Profile
Key Areas: writing, editing, science communication, social media

Dana Smith brings expertise in science communication to GBHI. By writing about the inspirational work being done by the Fellows and faculty at GBHI, she hopes to raise awareness of the growing plight of dementia and what is being done to fight it.

Good communication is critical to ensuring that advances in brain health are translated and shared with those whom they impact most—patients and their families.

Smith works as a freelance writer, focusing on stories relating to health and science, with a special interest in the brain. Her work has been featured in the Atlantic, the GuardianFast CompanyScientific American: Mind, and Discover. She also helps universities and research organizations tell their stories of scientific discovery, the realities of lab life, and the personalities who make the magic happen. Previously, Smith was the communications and media relations specialist at the Gladstone Institutes, translating and promoting basic life science research to the public.

Before transitioning to a career in science communication, Smith earned a PhD in psychology from the University of Cambridge, where she used functional neuroimaging to study neurocognitive risk and protective factors associated with drug addiction. 

Bio: Dana Smith holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and neuroscience from the University of Southern California. She obtained a PhD in psychology from the University of Cambridge.