David Loughrey, BA, PhD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
Trinity College dublin


Home Country: Ireland
Field of Employment: Neuropsychology
Key Areas: Neuropsychology, hearing loss, dementia

David Loughrey is a research psychologist from Ireland with a passion for researching the link between hearing and cognition. Epidemiological and neuro-imaging research suggest that hearing loss is associated with an accelerated rate of cognitive decline and increased risk of dementia. Hearing loss can also make it difficult to manage daily tasks, lead to a poorer quality of life and cause social isolation. However, it is not clear how hearing loss is associated with changes in neurocognitive function.

As an Atlantic Fellow at GBHI, Loughrey will pursue research in the relationship between hearing loss and the development of dementia with a view to explicating the causal mechanisms underpinning this association through neurocognitive assessment of older adults with hearing loss. He aims to assess how treatment may influence cognitive decline with age and contribute both to medical research and to health policy.

Hearing loss is a widely prevalent disability among older adults and can impact on cognition and quality of life.

Bio: David Loughrey completed his BA in psychology at Trinity College Dublin. He also completed his PhD in psychiatry in Trinity College Dublin.