Debbie Costello

Curriculum Project Manager
UC San Francisco
Professional Profile
Key Areas: online learning, program management, education, design

Education and collaboration are key for promoting brain health worldwide.

Debbie Costello brings expertise in building online curriculum programs to students at GBHI. Her work is driven by a belief in the power of education to transform lives. At GBHI, she handles curriculum management where she works with instructors and staff to oversee the design, development, and production of 90 sessions in seven subject areas. Before joining GBHI, Costello was an independent consultant and advised medical, financial, and technology clients in the design and development of curriculum programs. Some of her other roles include leading diverse teams in the development of educational products for kids at LeapFrog, Inc., leading the product group at DigitalThink e-learning group, and developing content for social topics in a virtual museum. She is passionate about developing engaging educational experiences that highlight collaboration and innovation to improve brain health worldwide.

Bio: Debbie Costello holds a bachelor’s degree in American literature from Middlebury College in Vermont.