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Eimear McGlinchey PhD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI

Professional Profile
Home Country: Ireland
Field of Employment: Intellectual Disability Researcher

Eimear McGlinchey works in the area of aging in people with an intellectual disability, with her primary focus on dementia in people with Down syndrome. Eimear is interested in the possibility of delaying the early symptoms of dementia through cognitive training. She has developed an intervention program using online cognitive training with adults with Down syndrome to examine the effects on levels of executive function. Eimear is also interested in identifying early biomarkers of dementia for people with Down syndrome.

Until recently, Eimear argues, people with Down syndrome have been largely excluded from dementia research due to ethical concerns, despite their genetic risk for developing Alzheimer's.

In order to reduce the scale and impact of dementia, there is a need for collaboration across disciplines, sectors and countries. We also need to focus on prevention across the lifespan, rather than focusing on dementia solely as a disease of old age. My work to date has focused on delaying early symptoms of dementia in people with Down syndrome through computerized cognitive training focusing on executive functions. I want to further explore the area of prevention, particularly relating to early biomarkers of dementia. Throughout my fellowship at GBHI, I want to broaden my understanding of dementia and brain health from the perspectives of a number of disciplines and cultures. I will use this knowledge of dementia research in the general population and aim to ensure that people with Down syndrome are afforded the same opportunities. In my spare time, I like spending time with friends, being active outdoors and relaxing indoors in equal measure.

Bio: Eimear McGlinchey completed her PhD in Trinity College Dublin in 2016, having previously completed her primary and Master’s degrees in Psychology. Eimear was lead researcher of the BEADS study: Brain Exercise for Adults with Down Syndrome, which examined the effects of cognitive training on levels of executive function in adults with Down syndrome.