Elaine Howard, MS

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
Trinity College Dublin
Professional Profile
Home Country: Ireland
Field of Employment: Care Models
Key Areas: dementia, innovation implementation, shared learning, social service change, personalized support





Elaine Howard believes that the lived experience of people with dementia can be positively impacted if we foster opportunities for service innovation. Innovation and learning can occur by creating environments that bring stakeholders together to share their expertise in a solution focused way, leading to the development and implementation of processes and structures that can support a social model of care. 

Transition from the traditional deficit focused model of care to a personalized and enabling model allows the person with dementia to live well at home for longer, enhances their quality of life, and is cost effective.

Her work to-date across both private and public healthcare sectors has focused on creating personalized and person-centered care models for people living with dementia. She has supported programs that bring together representatives from different sectors and organizations to work collaboratively to initiate change. She has also facilitated shared learning across the wider sector of healthcare and community services, which informed changes in both policy and practice.

Howard is particularly interested in supporting peers who want to create opportunities and mechanisms for practice change that help shift dementia care away from a deficit model and towards a more proactive, person-centered approach. With the support of GBHI, Howard will test and deliver a method that supports organizational change in healthcare systems and can make personalized care for people with dementia a reality.

Bio: Elaine Howard holds a master’s of science in dementia from Trinity College Dublin. Working in both the private and NGO healthcare sectors, her expertise lies in developing and implementing personalized care for people with dementia, facilitating changes in practice, and sharing that knowledge to enable practice and policy change across the wider sector. She also has extensive experience in operational management and service model development and implementation within the financial services sector.