Emi Kiyota

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
UCsf Memory and aging center

Home Country: Japan
Field of Employment: Environmental Gerontologist

Emi Kiyota has been working on creating socially integrated communities which value elders through Ibasho (a not for profit organization) as well as being a consultant in the design of communities and cities for people to age in place.

Emi believes that Japan, where she was born and raised, has been experiencing critical challenges on how to care for individuals with dementia in their communities.

To create a shared future for elders across the globe, in which aging is something not to fear but to enjoy as a respected and valued member of a community, we must rethink about how to design neighborhoods and cities to be more inclusive and resilient. It is time to explore ways of investing old age with greater meaning, enabling elders to provide more input into where and how they live, to remain part of a community, and to remain useful to others. As an Atlantic Fellow at GBHI, I am committed to developing a framework and methodology to improve the physical and social infrastructures of the cities and neighborhoods where elders, including those with dementia, will be enabled to live in their home while remaining engaged in their communities. In my free time, I enjoy gardening, walking, and cooking.

Bio: Emi Kiyota founded Ibasho, a Washington DC based not for profit organization, after receiving her Ph.D. in Architecture in University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She was awarded a Loeb Fellowship at the Graduate School of Design in Harvard University in 2017, and a Rockefeller Bellagio residency fellowship in 2011.

Links: www.ibasho.org