Fernando Aguzzoli-Peres

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI

Professional Profile
Home Country: Brazil
Profession: Journalist and Writer
Social Media: Facebook: facebook.com/vovonilva Website: www.vovonilva.com.br

Since his grandmother's diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, Fernando Aguzzoli-Peres’s effort has been focused on studying the aging process associated with dementia, making knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease more democratic, ending the stigma of dementia, and working with health professionals to show the emotional challenges of dementia. He has been producing content about effective and multidisciplinary relationships through social networks, lectures, and in partnership with different media platforms and books published in Brazil and in other countries.

To empower aging, it is necessary to talk about some issues and challenges to show that dementia is not the end, but a new beginning.

As an Atlantic Fellow at GBHI, Agguzzoli-Peres will focus his efforts on reducing the impact of dementia on caregiver life, translating content on dementia, and promoting health care with creative and accessible strategies. He also aims to demystify dementia in society, showing that the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease continue to be a fundamental part of our lives, just as we continue to be part of their history. In his free time, he likes being in touch with new cultures, planning or being in new places, and discovering landscapes and ways of seeing life that we do not know where we live.

Bio: Aguzzoli-Peres is a journalist who interrupted his academic life to take care of his grandmother and best friend, Nilva, diagnosed with Alzheimer's. After interrupting the philosophy graduation at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, he went on to study aging and produce Alzheimer's content for family members and health professionals, publishing the books "Quem, eu?" ("Who, me?") in Brazil and Portugal, and the children's book "Vovô é um Super-herói" ("Grandpa is a Superhero") in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. After that, Aguzzoli-Peres launched the interview channel "Convivendo com Alzheimer" (Youtube) and the website www.vovonilva.com.br to gather content about the disease. He is now engaged in the production of new books and giving lectures about the subject, as well as beginning his studies in psychology at IMED University, in Brazil.