Greg Walsh, BA (Hons) Bus.Studies, Dip. Bus. Mgt.

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
Professional Profile
Home Country: United Kingdom, Ireland
Field of Employment: International Life Science Executive

Following a year of self-directed research into dementia design, in 2017 Greg Walsh co-founded an architects’ practice that specializes in designing the built environment for people living with dementia whilst reducing health and social care costs at little to no incremental capital investment. The practice uses evidence-based best practice design to reduce many of the symptoms of dementia including: tension, stress, anxiety; aggression and disturbed behavior, falls, dehydration, malnutrition, incontinence resulting in less hospitalization, reduced medication, improved self-dignity and offsetting the need for residential care. Greg and the practice are working with local government, health and social care and patient groups to implement this knowledge in hospitals, care homes, town planning and housing policy.

Greg argues that best practice building design knowledge in the UK sits mainly in the academic world. He believes that many key decision makers are not aware of its existence and the key role it can play in creating a truly inclusive society for people with cognitive and sensory impairments.

To reduce the scale and impact of dementia around the world we need to prioritize areas of research whilst reducing duplication of effort and to effectively translate research evidence into local, national and international policy and practice. We also need to win the hearts and minds of key international thought leaders. I have co-founded an architects’ practice that specializes in researching and identifying best practice dementia design, making it practical and tangible. We then effectively deploy this knowledge and practice with local key stakeholders including: political, health, social care and patient groups. As part of my fellowship I would like to create greater international awareness of how to practically design the built environment to support the management of dementia whilst creating a more inclusive society for people with cognitive and sensory impairments. In my spare time I volunteer as chairman of the local Dementia Action Alliance patient group. I also like to spend time with my family, sailing and fishing

Bio: Greg Walsh is a business school graduate from the University of Salford in Manchester, UK. He has recently co-founded a social enterprise, DDS Architects, specializing in evidence based, best practice, building designs (interior, exterior and landscapes) to enable people with dementia to become a more active part of our community whist reducing health and social care costs of dementia. Prior to DDS Architects, Greg worked as an international life science executive for 20+ years for US multi-nationals including J&J and Baxter Healthcare, while living in the US, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, UK and Ireland. Greg has been a regular guest speaker at Imperial College, London Business School and at the University of Pretoria's GIBS Business School in South Africa on customer strategy.