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Ignacio Illán-Gala, MD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
UCsf Memory and aging center
Professional Profile
Home Country: Spain
Profession: Neurologist

Ignacio Illán-Gala has been working on clinical research to understand the pathophysiological and structural underpinnings of frontotemporal lobar degeneration, in addition to designing and leading the development of the frontotemporal dementia unit at the Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona, Spain.

To fight against dementia around the world, we need to efficiently combine the excellence in clinical care with the development of an international research network focused on the discovery and application of novel treatments.

There is an urgent need to improve public awareness and the diagnosis and management of patients with frontotemporal dementia in Spain. Illán-Gala believes his involvement in the Atlantic Fellows program at GBHI will provide the opportunity to improve leadership potential and communication abilities, and help to establish durable scientific collaborations between an emerging multidisciplinary unit in Barcelona and other reference centers all over the world. Illán-Gala believes these synergies could be instrumental to the development of tools to improve the diagnosis, treatment and welfare of patients suffering from frontotemporal dementia.

In his free time, Illán-Gala loves reading about human behavior and humanities and spending time with friends, his wife, and son in Barcelona.

Bio: Ignacio Illán-Gala obtained his Medical Degree at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. At the end of his internship in Neurology, he joined the Memory Unit of the Sant Pau Hospital, a leading behavioral neurology team where translational research is implemented by a multidisciplinary and highly talented group of scientists including biologist, psychologists, engineers, nurses and neurologists. Currently, he is leading the local Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration clinical cohort.