Jamie Talan, MPH

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
UCSF Memory and Aging Center

Professional Profile
Home Country: USA
Field of Employment: Neuroscience Journalism
Key Areas: journalism, storytelling, neuroscience, posterior cortical atrophy

Telling stories about dementia is critical to humanizing the condition and enhancing our understanding and empathy for those affected.

Jamie Talan has spent her career writing about the brain, and in particular Alzheimer’s disease. Talan has watched and chronicled the advances, the setbacks, the ah ha moments, the controversies, the potential drug targets, and the near misses – and she always comes back to the promise of science and what is possible. She believes there is a lot that people can do to prevent cognitive decline, and she is particularly interested in mental fitness programs. Talan joined GBHI to test the effectiveness of such programs to strengthen cognitive processes. She is also interested in narrative medicine with a focus on art and storytelling, which she believes will give voice to the disease.

Bio: Jamie Talan spent the first 25 years of her career as a science writer at Newsday, specializing in neurology. She left Newsday to start an art and literary journal, Narrateur, at the Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, where she is an assistant professor of science education. Since 2008, she has also been a science writer for Neurology Today, which is part of the American Academy of Neurology. She lives in Boise, Idaho.