Jennifer Zitser, MD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
UCSF Memory and Aging Center

Home Country: Venezuela / Israel
Field of Employment: Neurology
Key Areas: cognitive decline in atypical Parkinsonism, Huntington’s disease, neurodegeneration in the elderly, autonomic disorders and their relation to cognitive decline

As neurologists, we must continuously strive to gain the expertise we need to treat those who are suffering from the diseases of aging.

Jennifer Zitser is a neurologist with an interest in cognitive decline in neurodegenerative diseases. She leads the Huntington Disease Multidisciplinary Clinic in Tel Aviv, the only Huntington disease specialized clinic in Israel. Through her work, Zitser realized that most patients can cope well with the motor limitations of neurodegenerative illnesses, but they find the cognitive issues more challenging. Current treatment methodologies and tools are insufficient for treating patients and improving the quality of their lives. Therefore, further research, resources, and precise application of skills is needed in order to improve treatment for every single patient.

As an Atlantic Fellow at GBHI, Zitser aims to acquire knowledge, tools, and connections to advance dementia care, while further emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy brain. She also hopes to develop the communication skills needed to educate the medical and general community about aging, mental health, and dementia. Zitser will bring the knowledge she acquires at GBHI back to Israel to improve dementia prevention and treatment strategies. Her main goal is to prevent dementia and change the way society views people with mental disorders. Her hope is that through proper treatment and guidance, she can help integrate patients back into society and improve the quality of their lives.

Bio: Jennifer Zitser earned her medical degree from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Following graduation, she conducted research in the Department of Neurology at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. After relocating to Israel, she completed her residency in the neurology department of the Tel Aviv Medical Center, where she served as chief resident. Upon completing her residency, she continued to work as a senior neurologist at the Movement Disorders and Memory Unit, where she currently leads the Huntington Disease Multidisciplinary Clinic.