Jeronimo Martin, MD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
Trinity College Dublin
Home Country: Mexico
Field of Employment: Emergency Medicine
Key Areas: emergency medicine, neurological emergencies, stroke

Jeronimo Martin is an emergency medicine specialist from Mexico. He has worked for three years as an attending physician in the General Hospital of the National Medical Center La Raza in Mexico City, where he also completed a three-year residency. As an emergency medicine specialist, Martin has had the opportunity to treat numerous patients with different neurological diseases, such as stroke, head trauma, neurodegenerative disorders, dementia, and delirium.

When it comes to strokes, time equals brain.

In Mexico, a mere 0.5–1% of all stroke patients receive the best treatment option. This low percentage translates into more complications and disability, as well as a greater impact on a personal, social, and economic level for the patient and their family. Hospital General La Raza is a national stroke center, and Martin has taken part in hospital programs to develop strategies for faster and more efficient procedures to improve the treatment of stroke. Martin has also conducted research to identify the main risk factors for stroke, and he has been part of an Emergency Department program aimed at improving the percentage of patients receiving thrombolysis as treatment for stroke.

As part of the Atlantic Fellows program at GBHI, Martin would like to conduct research studies aimed at improving the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of stroke; develop multi-center studies and programs to diminish stroke risk factors; identify populations at high-risk for stroke; and reduce the time that patients with stroke seek medical attention. These actions could help update and improve the treatment of stroke in Mexico and increase the percentage of stroke patients who receive timely and adequate treatment. In addition, developing new prevention strategies to lower the incidence of stroke in Mexico would diminish the condition’s impact not only on patients and their families, but also on the Mexican economy and society.

Bio: Jeronimo Martin attended the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), where he studied medicine for seven years. During this time, he completed clinical rotations in several different hospitals, including the Neurological National Institute, Cardiology National Institute, and Mexican General Hospital. He graduated with top marks and was accepted to Hospital General La Raza, where he completed a three-year residence in emergency medicine. After graduating, he stayed on at Hospital General La Raza and became a tutor for new residents. Now with the help of GBHI, Martin would like to develop programs to improve stroke treatment in Mexico.