Jorge Leon Salas, MD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
Home Country: Costa Rica
Field of Employment: Neuropsychiatrist

As a neuropsychiatrist in Costa Rica, Jorge Leon Salas has been working with elderly patients with psychological and behavioral symptoms associated with dementia. Jorge collaborates with a multidisciplinary working group at the memory clinic of The National Geriatric Hospital of Costa Rica. Jorge also evaluates cognitive impairment in a variety of neuropsychiatric syndromes at his private practice.

My academic background and clinical practice made me realize that neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia, should always be addressed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals who can optimize all aspects of an individual’s health. Collaboration is critical in achieving our main goals. GBHI offers the opportunity to enrich fellows’ knowledge in a wide diversity of areas which can be translated into approaches to the prevention, education and treatment of dementia. I believe that through the development of health programs which engage cognitively impaired persons in day care settings to promote the prevention of neuropsychiatric symptoms and cognitive stimulation, we could have an impact on the pre-dementia stages. This could, in turn, reduce the economic and social burden for patients, caregivers and family. During my fellowship I hope to acquire the expertise needed to be able to implement these programs with a multidisciplinary perspective. In my free time, I like to do all kinds of exercise, to travel and to spend quality time with family and friends, which will always include good food and exploring new places and cultures.

Bio: Jorge Leon Salas received his medical school training from the Universidad de Ciencias Médicas, Costa Rica. He worked for a year at the emergency department as a General Practitioner and then applied for the specialty in psychiatry with the Universidad de Costa Rica. Following his residency, he worked at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in San José, Costa Rica in the area of neurotrauma. After three years, Jorge applied for a subspecialty in neuropsychiatry at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México City. He developed a special interest in cognitive decline and dementia during his fellowship and currently works at the National Geriatric and Gerontological Hospital, and privately at the Hospital Clinica Biblica, both in San José, Costa Rica.