Karen Dorsman, B.A.

UC San Francisco
Professional Profile
Key Areas: diversity, community outreach, education, global health

Before joining GBHI, Karen Dorsman’s passion for travel took her to Uruguay where she completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology and developed a strong interest in the intersections between neurodegenerative diseases, cultural identity, healthy aging, health care disparities, and education.

Education promotes empowerment. Greater dissemination of scientific knowledge gives people around the world a voice in advocating for evidence-based public policies on education and healthcare.

While working on her honor’s thesis Dorsman started asking: how can we take an active part in our path to healthy aging, and how does our culture influence this process?

Dorsman brings her own multicultural background, strong interpersonal skills, and great passion to her role at GBHI where she coordinates a Community Outreach Program to promote education about ongoing research in dementia and healthy aging. In this role, Dorsman recruits and coordinates Spanish speaking participants who join observational research studies at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center. Additionally, the program aims to collaborate with local agencies to alleviate disparities in healthcare.

Dorsman has experienced first-hand how notions about aging change across cultural borders and how these differing notions affect the way we embrace the changes experienced as we age, the perceived position of elders within a society, and the public policies enacted as a result. She strongly believes that we can find a universal way for people to approach and accomplish healthy aging while preserving cultural differences and values.

Bio: Karen Dorsman holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Catholic University of Uruguay