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Katie Featherstone, PhD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI

Professional Profile
Home Country: United Kingdom
Profession: Sociology of Medicine Researcher
Social Media:
Twitter: @Drkfeatherstone
Instagram: @storiesofdementia

Katie Featherstone uses sociology and ethnography to provide new knowledge in our understandings of the culture, organization, and delivery of hospital care and its impacts on people living with dementia. Her goal is to improve the quality and humanity of care people living with dementia receive during an acute hospital admission.

My goal is to improve the care of people living with dementia in all hospitals.

People living with dementia are a key population in our hospitals, yet have consistently poor experiences and outcomes during an admission. Featherstone’s research involves long-term engagement within acute hospitals across England and Wales to provide the evidence base and to drive improvements. Her approach utilizes sociology and ethnography to provide the empirical foundations for new knowledge and theoretical developments in our understandings of the culture, organization, and delivery of care. This is informing the development of low-cost interventions and training for frontline staff, with her work already having impacts within NHS Trusts, government policy, and public discourse.

As an Atlantic Fellow at GBHI, Featherstone hopes to achieve new learning and the enhanced skills needed to inform and develop innovative approaches to improving care locally, and to develop interdisciplinary networks to extend the scope of her research. She loves film and regularly curates film seasons and film festivals in collaboration with an independent arthouse cinema.

Bio: Katie Featherstone obtained her PhD from Bristol University and is a Reader in Sociology of Medicine, based within the School of Healthcare Sciences, Cardiff University.