Katy Tobin, PhD, PGDip

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
Trinity College Dublin
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Professional Profile
Key Areas: biostatistics, epidemiology, population health, aging

Katy Tobin is a biostatistician and epidemiologist interested in risk factors and patterns of cognitive decline in aging populations. Through her work with The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA), she brings her skills in data analytics to GBHI to investigate the complex relationships between cognitive decline and aging.

Through the analysis of population-based data, we can improve our understanding of the complex relationship between aging and cognitive decline.

Tobin has previously been involved in research projects focusing on palliative care interventions and neurodegenerative disease. She has developed an interest in the role of the informal caregiver and the impact of caring for someone with a life-limiting illness, with or without cognitive impairment. She is also interested in health services research, particularly in the preferences of service users and how these preferences align with clinical practice.

Bio: Katy Tobin is a biostatistician and epidemiologist in the School of Medicine at Trinity College Dublin. She joined GBHI in September 2016 as an assistant professor of biostatistics and is jointly appointed with TILDA (The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing). Her primary degree is in applied mathematics and biology, and she conducted her graduate studies in biomathematics of infectious disease. Since completing her PhD degree in 2012, Tobin has worked in multidisciplinary research teams in areas including neurodegenerative disease, palliative care, and substance misuse.