Kirsty Bobrow MBChB MMed UCT, MSc, DPhil



Home Country: South Africa
Field of Employment: Public health physician and epidemiologist

Kirsty Bobrow has been working on developing and testing, via clinical trials, mobile phone messaging to support treatment adherence in adults with high blood pressure and diabetes, managed in primary care settings. More recently Kirsty has begun exploring the burden, severity and impact of cognitive impairment on treatment adherence in adults with type 2 diabetes.

Kirsty believes that in South Africa, risk factors for dementia are similar and different to other parts of the world. She argues that innovative tools are required to identify and manage people at risk of and with dementia and that tools and strategies need to be deployable at community and primary care level.

Global inequities in health outcomes are well recognized for children. Less recognized are similar inequities in health outcomes for older adults. Recognizing that healthy aging is a global pursuit as populations across the world get older will help us prevent and mitigate inequities in health outcomes for older adults. Currently I am exploring the burden and severity of cognitive impairment in adults with type 2 diabetes in Cape Town, South Africa. Type 2 diabetes is a major global contributor to the burden of disease and a risk factor for multiple types of dementia. By highlighting an unmet service need I hope to mobilize resources to improve health care outcomes for this patient population. During my fellowship at GBHI I hope to enhance my technical skills in terms of cognitive epidemiology. I also hope to learn from fellows from diverse professional and social backgrounds. When I’m not working I’m out exploring the world with my dog. I also enjoy running and I play ultimate frisbee.

Bio: Kirsty Bobrow trained as a medical doctor at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Kirsty received her master and DPhil degrees in Public Health from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. Kirsty worked as a post-doctoral researcher in clinical trials prior to completing her specialist training in public health at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.