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Krystal L. Culler, DBH, M.A.

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
Trinity College Dublin

Home Country: United States
Field of Employment: Behavioral Health, Psychology of Aging
Key Areas: behavioral health, psychology of aging, brain-based education, non-pharmacological based interventions, psychosocial program models

Over the past six years, Krystal L. Culler, DBH, M.A. has been involved with community-based programs translating evidence-based research in brain health and aging into socially supportive engaged learning that leads to healthier lifestyle choices.  As the Nathan and Lenore Oscar Family Director of the Center 4 Brain Health at Menorah Park in Beachwood, Ohio she oversees the first non-pharmacological, non-hospital based, brain health center located on a senior living campus in the United States.

The Center provides a comprehensive, integrated approach to helping campus clients, community members, and professionals understand, implement and improve brain health throughout Northeast Ohio and nationally- educating adults and professionals from diverse backgrounds. She helps people with concentration and memory concerns to think differently about their brain health and wellness. Under her leadership, the Center has gained international and national awards and recognition for innovation in brain health programs for aging adults in general, and adults with brain health concerns.

Through brain health education it is empowering to witness behavioral changes among participants that shift their personal brain health to a priority and not an option in their daily lives. These lifestyle choices could effectively reduce the incidence of dementia and associated healthcare costs.

Through the GBHI fellowship, she looks to learn best practices from communities around the world regarding brain health programs and supportive solutions. Her work will engage the Cleveland Brain Health Initiative and encourage ongoing program development of the Center 4 Brain Health to best serve the robust brain health needs of program participants and the community-at-large. This training will enable her to continue to make transformative changes in the understanding and strengthening of brain health in Cleveland, Ohio and beyond. 

Bio: Krystal L. Culler holds a doctorate of behavioral health degree and master’s of psychology in adult development and aging. She also holds a graduate certificate in gerontology and bachelor degrees in gerontology and sociology with a minor in developmental psychology.  She is an adjunct faculty member at two state universities and the inaugural director of a community-based center for brain health. Under her leadership the center has been recognized for brain health innovation from international and national organizations. She has been recognized as a rising, young professional in Cleveland, Ohio by receiving two leadership awards.