Kyle Pusateri.png

Kyle Pusateri, MA, MPH

Chief Operations Officer

Key areas: global public health operations, institutional partnerships, project management, organizational development

Kyle Pusateri is the Chief Operations Officer at GBHI, where he oversees the complex administrative components of the Institute, thus helping to ensure that the Institute is able to fulfill its mission of reducing the scale and impact of dementia worldwide.

GHBI helps to reduce the scale and impact of one of the most rapidly increasing public health challenges worldwide. It is inspirational to work with a team so dedicated to addressing this challenge.

Before joining GBHI, Pusateri worked in global public health operations at UCSF for more than a decade, primarily supporting research, training, and clinical projects in HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, and malaria elimination.

Pusateri began his global public health career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa. It was in that first very formative role that Pusateri gained a real-world understanding of global health inequalities, as well as the socio-economic impacts of health on communities. That experience inspired him to pursue graduate degrees in public health and African Studies at UCLA. Pusateri was drawn to GBHI after experiencing the effects of dementia on close family members and by the passion and commitment that GBHI fellows, faculty and staff demonstrate towards reducing the global impacts of dementia on families and communities. In addition to his work in global public health, Pusateri has worked in project management and as a small business owner.

Bio: Kyle Pusateri completed his undergraduate studies in History at Pitzer College and Master’s degrees in Public Health and African Studies at UCLA. He has more than a decade of experience overseeing global health operations at UCSF.