Laís Fajersztajn

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
UCsf Memory and aging center

Professional Profile
Home Country: Brazil
Field of Employment: Epidemiologist
Social Media: Twitter: @LaisFajer

Laís Fajersztajn has been working on conducting epidemiological research into urban environmental health inequalities, notably air pollution in Sâo Paulo. As a physical therapist, Laís has experience working in functional activity groups for people with dementia.

Sâo Paulo is a megacity with a growing elderly population. Laís argues that it has significant environmental and socioeconomic inequalities that might be influencing dementia risk and treatment.

In order to promote brain equity, we as a society should work hard to reduce potentially modifiable risk factors for dementia, which includes promoting healthier living environments in urban areas. As an Atlantic Fellow at GBHI I will investigate links between socio-economic and environmental inequalities such as air pollution and dementia in Sâo Paulo, Brazil. I hope that this knowledge will contribute to a better understanding of the characteristics of a city shaped to enhance dementia prevention. Through my fellowship I expect to build my capacity to translate research into practice to contribute to reducing the risk of dementia in Brazil and worldwide. In my free time I like to laugh, to exercise, to have new experiences and to appreciate beauty, including art and nature. I am passionate about histories and about manual work. Baking is current my favorite.

Bio: Laís Fajersztajn holds a PhD in Science from the University of Sâo Paulo, School of Medicine, Brazil. She also did a postdoc fellowship at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the same University, where she studied urban environment inequalities and health. Laís has previously worked on University based projects in this field, and is a specialist in systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

Links: https://orcid.org/orcid-search/quick-search?searchQuery=Fajersztajn