Lorina Naci, PhD, MSc

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Trinity College Dublin
Professional Profile
Key Areas: psychology, cognitive neuroscience, neuroimaging, neuro-ethics

My goal is to combine high-impact basic science with applied research to help improve human life and translate neuroscience to public policy for promoting lifelong brain health.

Lorina Naci develops novel and clinically applicable neural markers of healthy and disordered cognition in healthy aging and patient populations. She uses neuroimaging to understand how consciousness emerges in the healthy brain and to detect awareness in some brain-injured patients who appear to be entirely vegetative. Her recent work has enabled some of these individuals to communicate their thoughts and wishes to the outside world. Concurrently, her work explores the medico–ethical and societal implications of these applications to build ethical guidelines for use in clinical settings. Naci plans to use neuroimaging at GBHI for designing and evaluating public health interventions. To ensure that her research has broad impact beyond academia, Naci actively contributes to the public understanding of scientific advances through media engagement and outreach work.

Bio: Lorina Naci obtained her doctorate as a Cooke Scholar from the University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom and is currently a L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Research Excellence fellow. Naci’s work has been published in high-impact scientific journals and covered widely in the international media, including the CBC, BBC, Science, Nature, the New Scientist, and the Times.