Luis Arnoldo Muñoz Nevarez, MD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
UCSF Memory and Aging Center
Home Country: Mexico
Field of Employment: Geriatric Medicine
Key Areas: older adults, brain health, neurocognitive disorders, dementia

Developing successful intervention programs to modify risk factors or lifestyle behaviors associated with dementia could help reduce its global burden. It is important to aim for economically feasible strategies that could work in developed and non-developed settings worldwide.

Luis Arnoldo Muñoz Nevarez joins GBHI from Mexico. As a geriatric medicine specialist practicing in a developing country with a growing elderly population, Muñoz is committed to bringing comprehensive care to those who will experience cognitive impairment in their lives. Muñoz is interested in researching dementia prevention strategies that modify risk factors or behaviors associated with dementia onset. Implementing a successful prevention program early in life could help prevent or delay the onset of dementia, reducing its burden on older adults, their families, and caregivers.

Upon completing his fellowship training at GBHI, Muñoz will work to establish a memory clinic in his country to promote dementia awareness, early diagnosis, and treatment, as well as clinical research in collaboration with colleagues from Mexico and other countries.

Bio: Luis Arnoldo Muñoz Nevarez did his residency in internal medicine at the Guadalajara Civil Hospital—one of the largest referral medical centers on Mexico’s west coast—where he served as chief resident for one year. Afterward, he completed a residency in geriatric medicine at the National Institute of Medical Science and Nutrition in Mexico City, considered to be one of the top research and healthcare centers in Mexico. There, he conducted clinical research involving older adults living with neurocognitive disorders, such as mild cognitive impairment and dementia.