Mariana Longoria Ibarrola, MD, PGY-6

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
UCSF Memory and aging Center


Home Country: Mexico
Field of Employment: Psychiatry
Key Areas: cognitive aging, elderly mental health dementia, frontotemporal dementia, neuropsychiatry of dementia, medical education

Mariana Longoria is a psychiatrist with practice at the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery in Mexico (INNN), this is a national reference center for the study and treatment of neurological diseases and training of human resources in neurosciences. Longoria has worked with geriatric population  for more than ten years, she has a fellowship on cognitive aging and dementia with primary focus on neuropsychiatryc aspects of nerurocognitive disorders. She is part of the 10/66 Dementia Research Group in Mexico,  collective of researchers carrying out population-based research into dementia  in low and middle income countries. GBHI represents for her a fabulous opportunity to learn from experts with the greatest connotation as well as to form support networks that allow to improve the study and treatment of dementias. Longoria is sure that the best way to fight against  dementia is  through multidisciplinary and multitalented teams  such as those formed in the GBHI.


Dementias are extremely complex diseases that affect us all, beside scientific knowledge about this entities, we must understand the importance of a humane, empathic, sensitive and integral relationship with patients and their families in order to provide them a real relief and the best possible treatment

Bio: Mariana Longoria is a general surgeon with a postgraduate degree in psychiatry from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and a fellowship in cognitive aging and dementia at the INNN. In 2014, she won the Alzheimer Disease International Scholarship to study at the Nantz National Alzheimer Center in Houston Methodist Neurological Institute. She is part of the clinic of cognitive disorders of the INNN  where she performs clinical, academic and research activity,