GBHI Exeuctive Committee members Lea Grinberg and Victor Valcour at a GBHI poster session

Mentorship at GBHI


GBHI views effective mentorship as key to help fellows optimize their opportunities for development throughout the program and achieve maximum impact after the program. Each Atlantic Fellow is supported by their own mentorship team. 

The team consists of:

A GBHI (Primary) Mentor

The GBHI primary mentor provides a touchpoint for you throughout the program, and in many cases, acts as a content mentor; that is, someone whose area of expertise is aligned with yours. 

A Regional Mentor

Regional mentors help you stay connected to your local community, support your transition and project after the initial fellowship, and support your ambition to become a leader in brain health. GBHI provides guidance on identifying a regional mentor and can facilitate connections if desired.

Optional Content Mentors

Additional mentors may be sought to support specific content or activities (e.g., journalism, dance, photography).     

Together these mentors help guide the fellows’ journey through the 12-month program and beyond.     

Fellows are also part of a lifelong fellowship community, supporting their journey to implement lasting change.

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