Michelle Hogan, BBus

Senior Executive Officer
Trinity College Dublin

Professional Profile
Key Areas: operations, communications, recruitment, curriculum management

By pooling our collective expertise from various fields, we can reduce the impact of dementia worldwide.

As an advocate for the GBHI Fellows, Michelle Hogan is passionate about supporting new leaders in brain health. Her role within GBHI is multifaceted, much like GBHI itself. For the past five years, Hogan has gained extensive and broad experience in administrative functions and operations in Trinity College Dublin, and she brings these skills to GBHI to support the day-to-day management of its health education and mentorship programs. She is a business, entrepreneurship, and management graduate with a record of managing multiple projects from start to finish using communication, business acumen, and mental flexibility. In her free time, Hogan—a 4th Dan Masters level black belt—founded and teaches at a Taekwondo Club, which has operated in Dublin, Ireland since 2006.

Bio: After obtaining a bachelor’s degree with honors in business, entrepreneurship, and management from the Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Ireland, Michelle Hogan joined Trinity College in 2011. She joined the GBHI operations team in September 2016 as senior executive officer.