Mircea Balasa, MD, PhD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
Trinity College Dublin

Professional Profile
Home Country: Spain
Field of Employment: Neurology
Key Areas: Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia, biomarkers, medical education

I am deeply committed to the goals of dementia prevention, delivering an earlier and more precise diagnosis to those affected, and bringing to reality effective treatments in the near future.



Mircea Balasa is a cognitive neurologist with a practice at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, one of the top health institutions in Spain. Balasa brings expertise in early-onset Alzheimer’s disease to GBHI. He has completed a doctorate degree with a focus in this area and currently holds a postdoctoral fellowship in dementia, with a primary interest in the biomarkers for diagnosing early-onset cognitive impairment. GBHI is a unique opportunity for him to gain training and insight into public policy that can be potentially integrated into future research in his home country.

Balasa is concerned that the diagnosis of dementia is often delayed, despite available resources. During his fellowship at GBHI, he hopes to improve approaches and technologies for clinical diagnosis of cognitive impairment. This research, coupled with a better understanding of public policy, would help optimize interactions between different health care providers to improve earlier detection and diagnosis of cognitive impairment.

Bio: Mircea Balasa is a cognitive neurologist with a medical degree from Lérida University in Spain. He is currently working at the Alzheimer’s Unit at Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, where he served as chief resident in neurology. Balasa received the Emili Letang Award in 2010, at the close of his residency. He has a PhD degree in medicine and has completed a fellowship, both with an emphasis in dementia.