Miriam Galvin, BA MA MSc PGDip PhD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI

Home Country: Ireland
Field of Employment: Social Scientist and Health Services Researcher

Miriam Galvin has been working on health services based research that explores in detail the human and practice dimensions of management of neurodegenerative diseases such as Frontotemporal Dementia, Huntington’s disease and Motor Neuron Disease/ALS. This work includes the detailed exploration of disease and illness trajectories, caregiver burden, and health service utilization from the perspective of the patient and caregiver/family. Taking a multilevel perspective of culture, Miriam aims to explore caregiver/family experiences and the culturally sensitive inclusion of caregivers and family members in decision-making and clinical care.

Through her research Miriam believes that the impact of cognitive/behavioral changes on caregivers in neurodegenerative disease may be under-recognized by healthcare professionals, and that the burden of care associated with these changes is not consistently addressed in current clinical practice.

As an Atlantic Fellow at GBHI I will advance my work in the field of caregiver research with an emphasis on cognitive and behavioral impairments and dementia. There is an urgent need to explore the ways in which health care professionals can support and respond to the needs of informal caregivers/family members as they both try to manage the patient’s care situation. It is important to understand the contexts and needs of caregivers/families living with brain-related disorders, and to recognize the role of the informal caregiver as an integral systemic component. I aim to emphasize caregiver inclusion in the formal care of people with brain-health related conditions, and supportive care for caregivers themselves. The fellowship at GBHI will facilitate knowledge translation and opportunities to contextualize evidence across different cultural settings, both within the European context, and through a network of collaborations, reaching into Latin America. In my spare time I like spending time with my dogs, travelling and exploring new places and cultures.

Bio: Miriam Galvin graduated from University College Dublin with an MA in Human Geography, followed by an MSc in Medicine & Community Health and Primary Care and later a Postgraduate Diploma Conflict Resolution from Trinity College Dublin. Miriam received her PhD (Social Sciences and Humanities) from the University of Bradford. While a Research Fellow at Dublin City University and Trinity College Dublin, her postdoctoral training included medical anthropology, healthcare ethics and the philosophy of the social sciences. Currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Academic Unit of Neurology, School of Clinical Medicine, TCD, her academic background and work incorporates methodological pluralism and theoretical perspectives, both as a researcher and latterly as a teacher, mentor and team leader.