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Myriam De la Cruz Puebla MD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
UCsf Memory and aging center

Home Country: Ecuador
Field of Employment: Neurologist

Before being a part of GBHI Myriam De la Cruz Puebla worked on the validation of a brief test of non-verbal memory to use in field work in neurology. Over the last two years Myriam worked as a neurologist in the Ambato General Teaching Hospital, Tungurahua province, Ecuador, where she was involved in the diagnosis of patients with dementia as well as in the determination of their etiology.

To fulfill GBHI’s mission, as a society we must develop local strategies for the early identification of people affected by dementia. This should enable us to provide adequate care, not only to the person with the disease, but also to their family. The leadership training I receive during the fellowship will help me gain the necessary skills to work towards positive changes in my community and in my country. As part of this great community of Atlantic Fellows, I am sure that we will collaborate to achieve both individual and collective goals, not only in health, but also in social, economic and racial equity. When I’m not working I love taking part in sports, and I also love traveling and discovering interesting things.

Bio: Myriam De la Cruz Puebla received her medical school training from the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba. She then completed her medical specialty in Neurology at the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery of Cuba.