Ophir Keret MD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
UCsf Memory and aging center

Home Country: Israel
Field of Employment: Neurologist
Social Media: Twitter:@OphirKeret

Prior joining the GBHI at UCSF Ophir performed his neurology residency in Rabin Medical Center, Israel. He devoted most his residency training in behavioral neurology, especially early onset dementia. His work led to the discovery of unique characteristics of early onset dementia in Israel.

Potentially up to 12,000 early onset Alzheimer and frontotemporal dementia patients live in Israel. Patients with early onset dementia present with unique diagnostic and therapeutic challenges, as well as severe socioeconomic burdens that are not recognized by healthcare systems. Patients and their caregivers require specialized early onset dementia care that is currently unavailable in most countries.

As a society we must change our demand of health to include aging brain health. Despite lack of effective disease modifying therapy for dementia there is much to be done. Up to 30% of dementia is theoretically preventable and several countries have initiated national prevention plans. Early diagnosis has been shown to result in personal medical and social benefits as well as national costs reduction. Management of behavioral symptoms have been shown to reduce caregiver burnout and increased quality of life.
I am currently planning to initiate a national early onset dementia consortium, together with members of the Israeli Neurological Association. Our project aims at developing a specialized care center for frontotemporal dementia and early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Alongside patient care the care center will generate knowledge about early onset dementia in Israel by leveraging the availability of large health maintenance organization databases. During my fellowship at GBHI I wish to cultivate clinical knowledge in behavioral neurology, witness cutting-edge technological advances, establish partnerships and acquire the skills needed to influence policy makers.

Bio: Ophir Keret received his medical school training in the University of Debrecen, Hungary. He performed his medical internship in Sheba Medical Center, Ramat Gan and a Neurology residency in Rabin Medical Center, Petach Tikva. During his residency he started working in the center’s cognitive neurology clinic where he received initial training in behavioral neurology.