Charles Normand, DPhil, MA

Professor of Health Policy and Management

Evidence shows that we can, to a degree, postpone dementia symptoms and can do more to reduce the effects of dementia in terms of independence.

Current Work

Charles is an economist who has worked on health and health care for most of his career. His particular interests are on economic aspects of ageing and palliative and end of life care. Charles is also interested in health care finance and economic evaluation.

Personal Hero

Desmond Tutu

Words of Strength

Seeing the simple point in a complex situation


There is now evidence that we can postpone dementia symptoms to some extent and can do more to reduce the effects of dementia in terms of independence. Better support for informal caregivers and better adaptation of living spaced can also play important roles, and it is important to understand better the combined effects of dementia and other chronic conditions.


Charles' current work is mostly based on the effects of better support for decision making near the end of life. Many older people receive inappropriate and potentially harmful care that ignores the presence of complex multiple conditions. The aim is to improve experiences for patients and families, and in some cases to reduce unnecessary interventions and costs.


Most people with dementia also have a range of chronic health conditions. It is important to plan care with a fuller understanding of complex needs. Charles' work aims to help to use care resources better and to achieve better experiences for patients and informal caregivers.

Education & Experience

Charles graduated in economics from the University of Stirling in Scotland, and completed his DPhil from the University of York. He has held academic appointments in six universities, and has worked at Trinity College Dublin since 2004. From 1982-1985 he was Principal Economist for health and social services in the Northern Ireland Civil Service. He is on the Board of St James's Hospital in Dublin and on the Irish Health Research Board.

Awards & Honors

Honorary Member of the Faculty of Public Health of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom, Fellow of Trinity College Dublin