Current Work

As Program Lead for Alumni Relations, Ciara is responsible for supporting the Senior Fellows community and fostering their ongoing engagement with the wider GBHI network and the current Atlantic Fellows. She does this through the development of a robust alumni program, underpinning the lifelong aspect of the fellowship.

Personal Hero

Indira Gandhi

Words of Strength

Building and managing relationships


Ciara is using her experience in relationship and community building to develop a community both across GBHI and with the wider Atlantic Fellow programs, one that will be meaningful, lasting and addresses the needs of our Senior Fellows.


Prior to joining GBHI, Ciara spent eight years within the Development & Alumni Office of Trinity College Dublin – the university’s fundraising and alumni outreach arm with 115,000 alumni worldwide. The cornerstone of her work was nurturing and facilitating relationships with alumni, donors and volunteers through effective communications and events and growing these communities.


Ciara's work focuses on connecting the next generation of brain health leaders post-fellowship, through a variety of channels and with a robust alumni program offering a space to exchange ideas, to seek expertise and to collaborate across the community.

Education & Experience

Ciara obtained a Bachelor’s Degree with honours in French & German from Trinity College Dublin. She completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management and German in the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and recently completed a Diploma in Digital Marketing with the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). She joined the GBHI operations team in September 2018 as Global Network Officer and Program Lead for Alumni Relations.

Trinity College Dublin
French, German
Bachelor’s Degree
Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)
Marketing Management, German
Post Graduate Diploma
Digital Marketing Institute (DMI)
Digital Marketing