Scott MacDonald, MA

Chief Operating Officer
UC San Francisco
Professional Profile
Key Areas: international policy, executive and financial management, organizational development

Scott MacDonald is the chief operating officer at GBHI, where he directs and manages the institute’s operations and activities. MacDonald ensures GBHI fulfills its mission to enhance brain health and reduce the scale and impact of dementia worldwide. He helps GBHI maintain a high level of standards and efficiency, while integrating GBHI’s programs across UC San Francisco and Trinity College Dublin.

GBHI is a values-based organization with a large vision. We look to make a real impact by developing a new generation of leaders and building a network of advocates to share in our fight against dementia. Join us.

Before joining GBHI, MacDonald worked in both the public and private sectors. He has extensive experience in budgeting, international development and advocacy, designing and implementing systematic change, and executive management and leadership. Internationally, he has lived and worked in many Asian countries. Most recently, as a senior advisor at The Asia Foundation in Mongolia, he engaged with senior leaders of government by providing policy and technical advice on key city issues, programs, and daily operations, supporting a broader initiative and efforts to enable innovative policy-making and strategic planning, evidence-based decision making, and more efficient use of limited resources. In less than two years MacDonald enabled service delivery reform, designed a plan for city reorganization, and participated in the drafting and development of Ulaanbaatar’s first city charter. Prior to his work in Mongolia, he worked in Timor-Leste (East Timor), Malaysia, and throughout Southeast Asia on various international development projects improving systems and operations, building partnerships with foreign institutions for academic exchange, and managing business development activities.

MacDonald’s other roles have included general program oversight, public policy analysis and guidance, human resource management, operations development, information systems governance, and stakeholder engagement. He has more than 20 years of experience in administration and operations, and holds a master’s degree in international management and public affairs from the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy.

Bio: Scott MacDonald completed an undergraduate degree in political science at the University of California, Berkeley and a master’s degree in international management and public affairs at University of California, San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy. He served as a legislative aide in the United States Congress and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors; a senior policy analyst at the University of California, Office of the President; a fiscal and policy analyst for the city of San Francisco; chief financial officer and assistant general manager of the San Francisco municipal utility (SFPUC); program director of Integrated College of Allied Health and Nursing in Malaysia; and senior advisor of The Asia Foundation.