Silvia Kochen, MD, PhD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
Trinity College Dublin
Professional Profile
Home Country: Argentina
Field of Employment: Neuroscience
Key areas: dementia, epilepsy, healthy aging




Silvia Kochen is the director of the Neurosciences and Complex Systems Unit, Hospital El Curce “Nestor Kirchner” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a neurologist with more than 30 years of experience in managing epilepsy and cognitive disorders.

I am committed to training and educating in the areas of epilepsy, aging, and mental health.

Kochen’s research involves collaborative partnerships with experts in basic science, neuropsychology, social science, and health services. Her primary interests are in epilepsy and cognition, most recently relating to aging and mental disorders in the elderly. She focuses on a subset of the elderly population that has unique features: low levels of formal education, a tendency not to migrate, active in their local community, and living with their family. By studying this population, Kochen hopes to identify risk and protective factors for cognitive decline that can be compared with cross sectional and longitudinal studies of community-dwelling healthy older people and individuals with mental disorders living in developed countries.

Kochen’s home country of Argentina is a developing nation with a rapidly aging population. Through her fellowship at GBHI, Kochen hopes to impact the field of brain health in Argentina and neighboring countries, improving the early diagnosis of dementia and the testing of promising new interventions in this population. Already, she has established community and hospital-based epilepsy and geriatric services, which are accessible by 45% of the total Argentine population.

Bio: Silvia Kochen is a principal investigator at CONICET—The National Scientific and Technical Research Council in Argentina—and a professor of neurology in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Buenos Aires. She is also the director of the Neurosciences and Complex Systems Unit (ENYS) and the director of the Epilepsy Center at R. Mejía Hospital, as well as a consultant in neurosciences at El Cruce Nestor Kirchner Hospital. She trained in neurology in Buenos Aires and then in epilepsy and neuropsychology in France at the Epilepsy Unit of the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) based in Paris.