Stefania Ilinca PhD

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI
Professional Profile
Home Country: Romania
Field of Employment: Health Economist

Stefania Ilinca has always worked in research, focusing primarily on understanding the effects of demographic aging on health and social policy in Europe. For example patterns of care utilization among the elderly, equity and access to long-term care, ageism, and care integration.

Stefania believes that awareness of the social and economic impact of dementia is all but lacking in many Eastern European countries, as are dedicated care and support services.

The challenges posed by the growing scale and impact of dementia worldwide should be tackled with a concerted approach that emphasizes prevention, equal access to care and awareness raising. As an Atlantic Fellow at GBHI I am committed to developing a strong evidence base on discrimination and inequality in access to health and long-term care, and their intersection with cognitive impairment in older age. I will work to raise awareness among policy-makers and care professionals in Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans about the challenges of providing care for people with dementia. In my free time I enjoy reading, jigsaw puzzles and long walks. I also love discovering new cultures and learning new languages.

Bio: Stefania Ilinca has completed a PhD in health economics at the University of Lugano and holds a Master’s degree in Public Management from Bocconi University (Italy). After her post-graduate studies she has worked as a researcher at the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research in Vienna, focusing on understanding the challenges and opportunities posed by demographic aging to health and social policy in Europe.