Victor Valcour, MD, PhD

Professor of Geriatric Medicine in Neurology
UC San Francisco

Executive Director
Global Brain Health Institute
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Key Areas: geriatrics, HIV, global health

Victor Valcour is the executive director of GBHI and brings a passion for and experience in international collaboration to GBHI. His research and clinical work offer unique opportunities for GBHI fellows and scholars to understand the connections between aging and cognitive disorders with a global perspective. Valcour’s current work aims to improve brain health around the world by training health care providers to meet community needs by utilizing local resources. He is an advocate for underserved populations and a voice of change for how we perceive elders and their role in society.

GBHI is building a collaboration of people around the world who will work together to try and solve issues around dementia. Fellows will learn a lot from us, but we will learn a lot more from them.

With training in both geriatric medicine and neurobehavior, Valcour cares for elders aged 80+. This clinical work applies geriatric principles to this unique and vulnerable population with cognitive disorders. His international research portfolio addresses the prevalence and characteristics of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND) among patients aged 60 and older. Despite increasing global access to life-saving treatments for HIV, a substantial proportion of individuals continue to suffer from cognitive disorders, and the frequency increases with older age. Work underway in San Francisco addresses the interplay of HIV-related brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease in people over the age of 60 living with HIV. Valcour has engaged a global audience by conducting this research in the United States, Asia, and Africa, using techniques such as neuropsychological testing, immunological assays, and multi-modal brain imaging to analyze each case as comprehensively as possible.

In an effort to understand HIV infection in its local context, Valcour collaborates with the US Military HIV Research Program and colleagues from Africa on an African Cohort Study called AFRICOS. Valcour provides neurobehavioral oversight for this study, which assesses the impact of clinical practices, biological factors, and sociobehavioral issues on HIV infection and disease progression in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria. Valcour works with organizations in Southeast Asia, such as the Thai Red Cross where he co-founded a research group called SEARCH, to understand HIV-related brain injury in the Asian context and to address neurological issues related to acute HIV and cure interventions.

Bio: Victor Valcour is an internist and geriatrician at the Memory and Aging Center at University of California, San Francisco where he is a professor of geriatric medicine in neurology. He has completed fellowships in both geriatric medicine and neurobehavior. He completed his medical training at the University of Vermont where he was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honors Society. He completed his internal medicine residency at St. Joseph Hospital in Denver, Colorado; geriatric medicine fellowship at the University of Hawaii; and a neurobehavioral fellowship at UCSF. He worked as associate professor of geriatric medicine at the University of Hawaii-Manoa before joining the Memory and Aging Center.