Wambui Karanja

Atlantic Fellow at GBHI

Home Country: Kenya
Profession: Dementia Advovacy
Social Media: Twitter: @_wakaranja

Wambui Karanja has been conducting research on perceptions of dementia in an older person care home setting. She has worked as a volunteer for Alzheimer's and Dementia Organization Kenya since 2016, helping with communication, event organizations and outreach.

To reduce the scale of dementia in the world, we need to advocate for more research to help create evidence-based policies.

In Kenya, there is little research done on perceptions of cognitive changes in older persons. Karanja believes persons with dementia, their caregivers, and persons affected by dementia need to be in the centre of the processes of policy creation. The media, health care providers, and organizations supporting persons with dementia in Africa need to be empowered to support persons with dementia and their families so their voices are part of policymaking and implementation.

As an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health, Karanja hopes to amplify the work being done on dementia in Africa, and to learn the best way to grow grassroots work on dementia so it's part of the global process. In her free time, she likes to spend time in nature, running or hiking. She also enjoys listening to African music of all generations.

Bio: Wambui Karanja received a bachelor’s degree from Kenyatta University. She is a member of the World Young Leaders in Dementia, where she is the Africa regional representative. Karanja has been a volunteer with Alzheimer's and Dementia Organization Kenya since its inception. She recently completed a placement as a graduate attaché at the British Institute in Eastern Africa, where she researched perceptions of Dementia.