Yolanda Kennedy, MSc

Communications Officer
Trinity College Dublin


Key Areas: Science communication, social media, media, events, storytelling.

Yolanda Kennedy is Communications Officer with GBHI. Based at TCD, she is responsible for promoting the messages of the GBHI and Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health program to a broad range of stakeholders and audiences. She is committed to using her extensive communications experience to help support GBHI’s international network of leaders in brain health to meaningfully connect with colleagues, peers, policy makers, patients and the general public.

Stories can have a profound impact in helping people better understand dementia and in mobilizing their support for patients and families.

Kennedy has been helping scientists and researchers communicate their findings to the public for the past four and half years in Trinity College Dublin. She helps bridge the gap between technical information and a story that remains true to its scientific roots but understandable to a general audience. Before joining Trinity, Kennedy worked as External Relations Officer with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Ireland. Kennedy has also worked as Communications Manager for a leading children’s charity and an international pharmaceutical company. Her work has focused on telling the stories of those in need of support and of the people working to support them, as well as engaging the general public, policy makers, media and peers through a variety of communication vehicles from events and campaigns to media engagement and social media.

Bio: Yolanda Kennedy obtained a Bachelor’s Degree with honors in Political Science from Trinity College Dublin. She completed a Master’s of Science in Multimedia, also at Trinity. She joined the GBHI operations team in January 2018 as Communications Officer.