Barbara Hewitt, MCPA

Finance & Business Planning Manager

The sound management of resources is key for health care projects.

Current Work

Barbara is responsible for the financial planning for GBHI at Trinity College Dublin. She brings extensive financial and administrative experience to the monitoring of GBHI income and expenditure and a wide variety of individual research grants belonging to the GBHI community.

Personal Hero

If not now, when?

Words of Strength

Likes to see things through


As Finance and Business Planning Manager for the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience (TCIN), Barbara was part of the team that took a philanthropist's goal and turned it into GBHI. Barbara hopes GBHI has a financial impact that ensures Chuck Feeney's goals will never be forgotten.


Since 2007 Barbara has been the Financial Advisor at TCIN with a great team of multidisciplinary researchers, supporting their many neuroscience related awards. Her earlier career was as a Group Financial Accountant in a software provider to infrastructure companies for over 18 years.


The sound management of resources, is key for health care projects. The needs we are dealing with today are going to expand and cause problems, unless we find there are better ways to make the resources do more.

Education & Experience

Barbara Hewitt is a Certified Public Accountant of Ireland. She has been advising the GBHI operations team since 2015.